PACS in France

Do you want to sign the PACS in France and don’t know what the process is like? Here is a brief summary of everything you need to know.

There are not many conditions that you need to fulfill to be able to sign the PACS in France. You do not need to have a valid visa to be able to sign PACS on French territory.

By law, you must be of legal age (18 years old) to be able to sign the PACS in France or in any French territory. This also includes French embassies anywhere in the world.

Another condition you must fulfill is that you must be single in France or in any country in the world. In case you are in the process of getting divorced in another country, you must finish that process in order to be able to register in France.

If you already have a previous PACS signed, you must cancel it before signing a second PACS. 

PACS are done at the Marie ( town hall).

It can also be signed at a notary’s office, but most commonly at the Mairie.

  • Proof of identity (passport)
  • Proof of address for at least one month in france(water, electricity, gas, taxes, etc.)
  • Birth certificate of both
  • PACS Convention
  • Only for foreigners, you must ask for extra documents at the consulate of your country. The documents are: the certificate of customs, bachelorhood and matrimonial capacity. The documents may vary by country.
  • Joint declaration of a PACS and attestations on the honor of non-parentage, non-alliance and common residence (formulaire cerfa 15725).

Yes, if you meet the requirements to obtain the titre you can apply. The title de séjour that can be applied is called “Vie privée et familiale” and in the following post you can see the requirements and documents you need. 

If you want additional information on the subject you can leave me all the doubts you have in the comments.

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